Book: Marriage take more than love, written by Jack and Carol Mayhall
Copywrite 1978

This is an older book, but the points Jack and Carol make are still relevant today.
It is told from Jack and Carols personal experiences, dating from their courtship until years later in their marriage.Their points of review are made to help revitalize marriages, fresh of stale.
Their key is simple, work it out while walking it out.
Mike and I thought this was a good christian book. Jack and Carol point out that it takes three persons to make a satisfying marriage ( a Husband a Wife and God).
They talk about their own differences themselves in every chapter. How jack saw Carol, and how Carol saw Jack. These differences, in the way a woman would think
and in the way a man thinks and acts, as well as how they both reacted. How these differences worked together for the benifit of the marriage.
The capters included:
1. The basics for a successful marriage.
2. Understanding one another
3. Communication
4. What is involved in love
5. Responsibilies
6. The phyical relationship
7. Conclusion
Mike and I liked this book. The chapters were short. We usually could get between 1-3 chapters read a night(outloud to each other) a night. This is a good method doing it together.
Turn the T.V., the computer, and the phone off for only 15 to 30 minutes. And connect with a good book on marriage.
Judy Cipriano
wife of over 28 years

Book: How we love by Milan and Kay Yerkovich
Copywrite 2008

We bought this book at a marrieage conference this year.
Again we try to read a whole chapter each night, out load to each other, until the book is complete.
Turn off the T.V. or even read in the car. It is important to connect with one another and this is a great way to do that.

This book was easy to follow, and a good learining tool for us.

It's focus is on love styles and how they effect your marriage.

There are four different love styles that imprint how we love

1. The avoider 2. the pleaser 3. the vacillator 4. the chaotic( controller/victim)

Each imprint emanating from our childhood effects how we react to others including our spouses.
Reading and learning from Milan and Kay, both P.h.d.'s in phychology we learn how our love styles
can disrupt our marriages.

You will learn how to create a richer connection, enhance sexual intimacy, and know more about your spouse acts the way they do.

Milan and Kay wrote this book our of their own experences, and from years of case study.
They are both licenced marriage and family therapists.
They also included a wook book for both of you at the end.
Judy and i highly recommend this book.
To learn more go to their site: 
Judy Cipriano
wife of over 28 years

Book: What the bible says about love, marriage, and sex. 
Author: Dr. David Jeremiah

This book follows The Song of Songs or The Song of Solomon. In focusing on Solomon and his beloved wife Shulamith the author takes us threw there courtship and marriage. In doing so we see the underlying love they have for each other as well as the struggles they go threw.
Starting from there chance encounter, coutship, wedding, and marriage.
From there courship to there wedding we see there love grow. We see in detail there wedding day with all it's preparations. We see in intimate detail there wedding night. We see how Shulimith saved herself for her husband, for only one man.

The dialog between the two of them we a little hard to understand. People spoke different back then.
This is were the author Dr. Jerimiah interperates for you.

The book contains twelve chapters. Some include: the romantic husband, the wedding planner, How God thinks of sex, rekindling the fire. All of this leads up to the two becomming one in marriage, with the normal ups and downs.
We felt the chapters we somewhat long when reading them outloud to each other, but so enjoyable and romantic. An oldfashioned book of love.
Judy Cipriano
wife of over 28 years

Book: Boundries in Marriage 
Author: Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend

This is an excellent book.
It is based on understanding the choices we make and how they make of break our  loving relationships.
 Part 1: understanding boundries
Part 2 : Building boundries
Part 3 : Resoving confict in marriage
Part 4 : Misunderstanding boundries in marriage
These chapters focus on married couples who have some sort of boundary problem.
They show us how problems can be soved with the proper application of Godly boundries.
By showing us how to recognize the causes of friction in our marriage, Boundries in marriage helps us overcome them. Weather the causes are hurts or betrayals. you will be able to move beyond them by setting boundries that will lead to mutual care, respect and love.
I felt this book was so good and helpful. It make one think of the boundries you are both crossing in marriage. Every marriage including ours all need boundries. You will discover the many kinds of boundries that exist in marriage and which ones you are crossing. As well as the ones you need to improve on to have a better marriage.
Judy Cipriano
wife of over 25 years

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